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Ship it, stock it, sell it.
Retail-Ready is the multipurpose packaging solution.

The success of a Retailer and Brand is contingent upon packaging solutions that attract consumer attention, simplify retail stocking and inventory management while protecting products so they are in perfect condition for sale.

Ponderosa Packaging provides retail-ready packaging that combines shipping and merchandising into one unit that capitalizes on shelf presence while maintaining package integrity.

“The Five Easies” is a common platform that describes retail ready packaging benefits for brick and mortar stores.




  • Increased sales through higher levels of impulse purchases
  • Improved product availability in-store due to ease of replenishment
  • Increased supply chain efficiency
  • Multi-purpose packaging functions as shipper and retail display.


  • Available in corrugated cardboard, solid board and folding carton board
  • 100% recyclable and made from renewable, reusable resources.
  • Available with advanced graphics for maximum retail impact
  • Choose from a wide variety of one-piece and two-piece pack styles
  • Opening techniques including a range of perforation styles, hooded trays, display trays and tear strip tapes